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The Business Case for Video

9 reasons to include more video like this one on your content marketing strategy

My online research finds:

  1. Half of buyers say they are more likely to seek out more information about a product and more confident in making an online purchase after viewing related video. This doesn’t have to be product specific. Video helps prospective clients see you demonstrate thoughts leadership on your area of expertise. Video helps amplify what you communicate in face-to-face meetings and client presentations.

  2. Users spend, on average, 88% more time on sites with video and video attracts more inbound links than text-only content. Are you measuring these metrics?

  3. Only 20% of people will read text while 80% of people will watch a video with the same exact content. People prefer video.

  4. Viewers retain 58% of what they see but only 10% of what they read. Great marketing content is sticky. Video helps your message stick with people.

  5. Using video on landing pages increases conversions by 86%. Are you using landing pages in your content marketing strategy?

  6. Videos receive 267% more links than other posts.

  7. 58% of people will stop watching a video within the first 90 seconds. Conversely, 42% keep watching beyond 90 seconds. Those that do either find your video extremely entertaining, extremely helpful, or they are in the later stages of a buying decision.

  8. A prospective customer is 144% more likely to buy when there’s a product video featured. If your business is architecture or design, your service is your product.

  9. It’s never been easier to create video marketing content. Check out my post here debunking the myth that video is slow and expensive to produce.

Michael Firsich is an architectural photographer, videographer, and creator of visual marketing content for online and print media. His studio specializes in storytelling through the visual arts of photography and video for architects, designers, and other industry related companies. Click here to see more examples of his video production on his Vimeo Showcase page.

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