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  1. In 2015, Google reported that 70% of B2B buyers and researchers watched videos throughout their path to purchase. Nearly half of these researchers view 30 minutes or more of B2B-related videos during their research process. 

  2. Testimonial videos give your audience an emotional connection with you and your project. This connection opens the door to trust and authenticity for those that don't know you. 

  3. Testimonial videos are one of the most powerful sales tools in that you have real people vouching for you. Real people testifying for you will bypass most people's skepticism when interviewing companies they don't know and immediately builds trust.

  4. It's never been easier or more affordable to create testimonial videos. You can even do it yourself with the phone in your pocket. On average, the cost to hire someone to produce a client testimonial video is typically between $3,500 and $15,000 depending on the project's scope. If your testimonial video helps you land one new client or project, it will likely pay dividends.

  5. Testimonial videos give you a competitive advantage. Nearly every architectural, engineering, construction, and design firm takes photos of their projects, but very few use testimonial videos for diving deeper into a project's backstory. Testimonial videos spotlight your customer and give them a voice to share their experience with you. 

  • 4X as many consumers would rather watch a video than read to learn about a product or service.

  • 97% of B2B customers cited testimonials and peer recommendations as the most reliable type of content.

  • 88% of consumers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family.

  • Using customer testimonials regularly can generate approximately 62% more revenue.

  • Websites using testimonials saw a 45% increase in traffic compared to those who didn’t 

  • 4X as many consumers would rather watch a video than read to learn about a product or service.

  • Video is shared 20 times more often than any other content formats in the LinkedIn feeds.

  • 80% of marketers confirmed that video helped increase sales.

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