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Marketing myth: Video is slow and expensive to produce

According to a recent article at, Google debunks the myth that video is too slow and expensive to create.

It’s never been easier to create video marketing content. Nearly all of us have video recorders in our pockets. In fact, Academy Award-winning directors, including Claude Lelouch, Steven Soderbergh, and more have shot films all or part using iPhones.

I shot this recap video using my iPhone at the Imaging USA 2020 convention.

Reverend Chris Lee of St Saviour’s church in West London has built a following of our 100,000 Instagram followers with his 60-second sermons.

Vidyard’s 2019 Benchmark Report includes the following trends and perditions for B2B video in 2020:

  • Video-first websites

  • Video modernizes social, content, email

  • B2B gets interactive, personal, and 1-to-1

Click here for 9 more reasons why video content is quickly becoming the preferred online marketing content for B2B brands.

Michael Firsich is an architectural photographer, videographer, and creator of visual marketing content for online and print media. His studio specializes in storytelling through the visual arts of photography and video for architects, designers, and other industry related companies. Click here to see more examples of his video production on his Vimeo Showcase page.

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