Michael Firsich



Michael is an architectural photographer based in Indianapolis, specializing is creating magazine quality images. He has spent nearly his entire career working with architectural firms and their industry partners. Michael pairs architectural photography with client testimonial video to dive deeper behind the design of a project and create a visual story.


His clients appreciate that he's spent his entire career in the a/e/c industry. He gets the full picture. Michael understands what you are trying to accomplish and remembers what is most important to you. He listens, prefers collaborative relationships, and goes above and beyond to deliver an exceptional product.  His clients appreciate his responsiveness, quick turn arounds, and straightforward pricing model. When multiple parties are involved, everyone wins.

Michael is tactful. He enjoys gaining an in-depth understanding of a project before making recommendations on how to approach the shoot. He is self-sufficient, independent, and self-directed. His clients know they can rely on him to take their work seriously. He is mindful about what he does and what he says. His work is profound, seeing beyond the obvious and understanding the scope at a deeper level than most. His quiet and deliberate decision-making are distinct advantages that enable him to maintain his cool, even under pressure.

Indianapolis, Indiana  |  michael@michaelfirsichphotography.com  |  (317) 509-3691