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I believe your projects deserve magazine-quality images. The images of your work will outlive you and live beyond the life of the buildings you create for future generations to admire and celebrate. 

Magazine-quality images do not happen by accident. My process is a collaboration with you and begins with the end in mind. We'll discuss how you plan to use the images, what you want to capture, the heroes of each shot, your client's wishes, vendor partners, your budget, and more, as I work to create images perfect for you and your firm.

The first step is to contact me so I can gather preliminary information and answer any questions before deciding to take the next step, a pre-session design consultation.

1. Pre-Session Design Consultation

A successful outcome begins with the end in mind. This includes a collaborative, in-person, or virtual meeting to discuss your needs, wants, logistics, and more. I do my best not only to learn about what's most important to you on this project but to also learn how you plan to use the images and video content I create for you. I strive to understand the why behind the what.

2. Scouting Session

High-performance athletes understand the importance of visualizing game-day performances. Scouting sessions help me to best understand the logistics behind what we decide to capture. It helps your client to understand how to prepare for our arrival. This may happen a month, a week, or the day before the photography and/or video session. Occasionally this happens during the first hour of the shoot, depending on our collective schedules. I understand the importance of flexibility and can accommodate most logistical challenges as they unfold.


3. Photography and/or Video Session

The big day is here! You can arrive confident that we have covered the details and planned accordingly for success. I understand how important it is to respect your client's willingness to accommodate our presence to photograph their space. You can rest assured my decade + of experience has fully prepared me to be prepared, and adaptable to ensure a successful outcome as planned. I always arrive with equipment redundancies and when I travel, I arrive the day before and leave the day after we finish. This helps to avoid rescheduling due to flight delays, equipment failures, or any other unexpected challenges.

4. Post-Session Viewing + Selections

I will deliver image proofs within 24 - 48 hours of our photography session for final selections. My goal is to have fully edited images back to you within two weeks. Video production is a longer process. I aim to have a first draft ready for review within two weeks and final edits soon thereafter. You have a story to tell and I appreciate your eagerness to get content published.

5. Production

Once image selections are made and a video review is completed, I personally oversee every step of the process to ensure the project exceeds your expectations in every way and is delivered within the time frame agreed upon (often 2 - 4 weeks). Optional wall art and fine art photo albums and prints include the best archival materials and may take longer, if applicable.

6. Delivery

Final, high-resolution images and .mp4 video files are delivered electronically. Optional wall art, fine art photo albums, archival prints, photo boxes, and more are delivered separately. Again, I will personally oversee every step of the process to exceed your expectations.

7. Feedback

Your feedback is extremely important to me. Upon completion, I will contact you to request an in-person or virtual feedback and review session.

8. Until We Meet Again

I appreciate and enjoy long-term relationships. I understand the opportunity to build on what I've learned to better serve your next project needs. It is my great pleasure to create magazine-quality images and engaging testimonial videos for you to use in your efforts to win future business.

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