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Visual Marketing Content for Architectural and Design Firms

  • Iconic Architectural Photography
  • Compelling Client Testimonial Video
  • Attention-grabbing Promotional Video
  • Immersive Project Storytelling Package
  • Lead Generating Content Marketing Strategy



It's only human to judge the quality of a product or company by the quality of its images.  Top brands market their products and services exclusively with magazine quality images.


Your audience prefers video content over any other medium. Compelling video is an essential component in digital marketing. It's never been easier or more affordable to create video.


Every project has a story and people love a good story. The one behind a project is where firms have an incredible opportunity to demonstrate their advantage and talents.


Anyone can take pictures or shoot video. Few understand your project journey and how to communicate that visually with images and videos.   Even fewer have the ability to collaborate with clients to help shape stories that excite and inspire.


John A., Architect,  

Principal, DkGr

Michael was great to collaborate with in capturing both detail shots as well as the ambient spirit of the space.  His ability to artfully craft each shot with staging , lighting and perspective, proved invaluable in the final images.

Lynn U., Graduate Architect

& Marketing Coordinator

CORE Planning Strategies

Michael was great at photographing the space to not only show the beautiful interiors but the working with people to show how a space is used and express the feelings we were trying to get across through the design.

Jessica M., Former

Marketing Coordinator,

Rowland Design

Michael did a fantastic job for us. The final images are a great representation of the work we provided on the project.  During the editing process Michael was very responsive to how we wanted the images to look. He went back and made the edits we requested and the final images turned out perfect!

Mary Beth Oakes, CEO

Business Furniture

“Michael Firsich’s photography allows  a space to come alive and tell a story. His images are truly a work of art we showcase for all of our clients.” 

Lara B., Project Manager

Fanning Howey

“Michael masterfully orchestrated the photo shoot. Not only did he help us find the best possible views, but he worked with our student models to really tell the story of how the space will be used.”

Dan M., Principal


“Michael has the unique ability to tell our story of discovery and collaboration with our valued clients with his imagery and artistic editing.  A great partner.”

“Whatever you do and whatever story you’re writing, make it human – make sure the human element is at the centre of it and shapes it.”         -

- Jacob Moss

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Michael Firsich

Michael is an Indianapolis-based architectural photographer specializing in magazine-quality images. When he pairs architectural photography with client testimonial videos, be ready. He’s going to dive deep into your project’s design, look beyond the obvious.


Michael has spent almost his entire career working with architectural firms and their industry partners. He gets the full picture. For him, it’s not just about photography; it’s about telling your story, your client’s story. He wants to help promote you. That’s mindful—and a win for everyone involved.


Michael has been described as self-sufficient, deliberate, and responsive. But what’s important to you is his familiarity with the A/E/C industry. He understands what you’re trying to accomplish and remembers what is important to you. Whether you’re explaining how a project came to be or using architalk, he gets it, he takes you seriously, he keeps cool. 

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