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The New Library

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Interior designer Chip Kalleen of Kalleen and Company designed a small, intimate space on the first floor of the St. Margaret's Hospital Guild's 58th Annual Decorators' Show House and Gardens located at 4160 N. Washington Boulevard in Indianapolis, Indiana (also know as the Meridian-Kessler/Washington Park neighborhood).

Chip's love of Japanese art is fused with modern technology in a unique space. One can relax with a cup of green tea, work on a laptop or smart tablet, or simply unwind with a favorite show viewed on a tripod-mounted, custom-built smart TV.

A hand-painted zebra-patterned cowhide rug accents the floor adjacent Meis van der Rohe's 1929 furniture classic - the Barcelona chair.

Further elements include hand-painted, translucent paper panels commissioned by a Japanese artist and a vintage wedding kimono to soften the space.

This is just one of 28 rooms featured in the 9,163 square-foot Centennial Estate selected for this year's Decorators' Show House and Gardens. The structure and grounds have been transformed by the creativity and work of 34 local designers and landscapers. Visit for more information.

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