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Architectural Photography for Commercial Real Estate Companies, Owners, and Developers

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Even worse, people make judgements about you within the first seven seconds of meeting you. The same goes for your company.


Over 80% of people will research you and your company online before ever meeting with you or talking to you. They will form a first impression of your brand within seconds of visiting your website or landing page. How does your marketing content represent your company?

Those successful in real estate understand the importance of showing a property in its best light, often making improvements to attract buyers and tenants. Exceptional professional photography captures a property in it's best light. Composition, lighting, color, clarity, white balance, contrast, texture, exposure, saturation, removing visual distractions in post, and more can make a significant difference in showcasing your properties for sale or lease.

How you present those properties online can make the difference between a showing or being left off the list. Professional photography, video, and website design builds trust and confidence. It's no different than what you choose to wear to a first meeting with a potential client, buyer, tenant, or business partner. You want to look your best, present a warm smile and a firm handshake in an effort to nail that first impression.


The quality of your photography, video, and website design will determine how you are initially perceived. From there you are either running on level ground or it's an uphill climb. You may not even get another look, if you don't present yourself well online.

1. Your website is your most important marketing asset. YOU own YOUR website. Facebook owns Facebook. Google owns Google. They decide how content hosted on their platforms gets presented and who sees it. Since you own your website, you are in full control. How does your website appear to others? 

2. Video and images get seen first. How professional do they look? Your visual content, website design, and writing style is a crucial part of your first impression as a company. 

3. Content drives SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google rankings for organic search reward those who create meaningful and engaging content. Remember, over 80% of people will research you and your company online before ever meeting with you or talking to you. What keywords will they use in their search? Do you make the first page search results? 75 - 90% will not click on the second page of a search result.

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